Our Next Event:

Winter Solstice Dinner and Party - 12/21/2014

Our program will be a group discussion among the attendees, led by Ted Barnett, on the topic of:

“How to Continue Activism When Things Seem Hopeless.”

5:30 PM Vegan Share-a-Dish Dinner,

7:00 PM Program.

Winter Solstice Dinner and Party with optional Vegan Cookie Exchange (take as many as you bring). Please bring a vegan dish to pass; we cannot live on cookies alone! Also bring voices and (optional) instruments for music after dinner.  If there is time and interest, we will have holiday music before and after the group discussion.

Past Events
11/16/2014 Milton Mills, M.D. The Courage of our Convictions: Parallels between the Civil Rights Movement and the Vegan Movement PCRM Physician Profile
10/19/2014 John Morlino, MSW Vegan Values Writings and Lectures
9/21/2014 Gary Francione, J.D. The History of the Vegan Movement Rutgers Faculty Profile
8/17/2014 Summer Picnic
8/5/2014 Will Tuttle, Ph.D Time to Wake Up! Be Healthy, Save the Planet The World Peace Diet
7/20/2014 Summer Picnic
6/15/2014 Expert Panel Advice from a Panel of Experienced Vegan Cooks
5/4/2014 Susie Coston, Farm Sanctuary's National Shelter Director Changing Hearts and Minds
4/15/2014 RAVS 2nd Night Passover Seder
4/6/2014 Vegan Banquet at the King and I
3/16/2014 Ted D. Barnett, MD News From Washington
2/16/2014 Where Do I Get My Organic Veggies?
1/19/2014 Sherry Colb, J.D. Mind If I Order the Cheeseburger?
12/15/2013 Winter Solstice Dinner and Party
12/6/2013 Metro Justice Alternative Fair Metro Justice
11/17/2013 John Wagner A T’ai Chi Workshop RTCCC
10/20/2013 John Pierre The Pillars of Health John Pierre
10/9/2013 Ted and Carol Barnett Plant-Based Nutrition: Eating for Happiness and Health
9/22/2013 Melanie Joy, Ph.D. Carnism: The Psychology of Eating Meat Carnism
9/17/2013 Ted D. Barnett, M.D.; Carol Barnett, Ph.D Making the Case for Vegan Eating Wood Library
09/14/2013 RAVS information Greentopia Festival at High Falls Greentopia Fest
8/25/2013 “Making the Case for Vegan Eating” 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM, Sunday
8/22/2013 “Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home” 5:30 PM, Thursday
8/18/2013 Summer Picnic, 2 PM, Sunday
7/21/2013 Summer Picnic
7/3/2013 North American Vegetarian Society’s Vegetarian Summerfest Vegetarian Summerfest
6/16/2013 Advice from a Panel of Experienced Vegan Cooks: Meal Ideas, Tips, and Recipes
6/1/2013 Michael Greger, M.D. The Role of Diet in Preventing, Arresting, and Reversing the 15 Leading Causes of Death Dr. Greger
5/19/2013 John Morlino Compassion is a Journey, Not a Destination The ETHIC
4/21/2013 Vegan Banquet at Natural Oasis Natural Oasis website
4/2/2013 Ted Barnett, MD Plant-Based Nutrition Class
3/26/2013 20th Annual RAVS 2nd Night Seder
3/17/2013 Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D The Inner Lives of Animals: Lessons from a Vegan Biologist
2/17/2013 Program on Green/Alternative Energy
01/20/2013 Movie Night Rochester International Film Festival
12/16/2012 Winter Solstice Dinner and Party
11/30/2012 Metro Justice Alternative Fair Metro Justice Rochester
11/18/2012 Milton Mills, M.D. Are Humans Designed to Eat Meat? Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
10/21/2012 Amie Hamlin School Food in New York State Healthy Lunches
9/23/2012 Jenny Brown Fighting for Farm Animals Woodstock Sanctuary
9/15/2012 Greentopia Festival Greentopia Festival
9/10/2012 Five Physicians Explain: Why I Eat A Plant-Based Diet Heartbeats4Life
9/6/2012 Ted and Carol Barnett A Plant-Based Diet: Eating for Health and Happiness
8/12/2012 Will Tuttle, Ph.D The World Peace Diet
7/15/2012 Summer Picnic
6/17/2012 Advice from a Panel of Experienced Vegan Cooks
5/6/2012 Gene Baur Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds about Animals and Food Farm Sanctuary
5/1/2012 Jack Norris Vegan Nutrition: What Does the Science Say? Vegan Health
4/15/2012 Vegan Dinner at Amaya Restaurant
4/7/2012 19th Annual RAVS 2nd Night Seder
3/25/2012 Dr. Michael Greger The Latest in Human Nutrition Nutrition Facts
3/18/2012 Video Presentation with Jeff Novick, MS, RD (he will not be there in person) Lighten Up: Weighing in on the Weight Debate
2/19/2012 Jordan Kleiman, Ph.D. Hydrofracking
1/23/2012 Ted D. Barnett, M.D. “Plant-Based Eating” course
1/16/2012 Showing of “Forks Over Knives”
1/15/2012 panel Where Do I Get My Organic Veggies?
12/18/2011 Winter Solstice Dinner and Party
11/20/2011 T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. A Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet: What the China Study Has Taught Us
11/8/2011 Neal Barnard, MD 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart Neal Barnard
10/16/2011 Antonia Demas, Ph.D. Food is Elementary: Making Food Literacy an Educational Priority
9/18/2011 George Eisman, RD The Impact of Diet on Climate Change and the Environment
9/17/2011 Greentopia Festival
9/13/2011 Thomas Campbell Forks Over Knives
8/21/2011 Summer Picnic
7/17/2011 Summer Picnic
6/19/2011 A Raw Food Diet: Benefits and Strategies
5/22/2011 George Eisman, R.D. What a Vegan Diet Can Do For You
5/1/2011 Bob LeRoy, R.D. Q&A: Your Nutrition Questions Answered
4/19/2011 18th Annual RAVS 2nd Night Seder
04/10/2011 Gourmet Vegan Tasting Meal and Silent Auction Natural Oasis
3/20/2011 Nick Bovenzi A Chef Talks About Gourmet Vegan Cooking Natural Oasis
2/20/2011 Vegan Nutrition Video
1/16/2011 Movie Night
12/19/2010 Winter Solstice Dinner and Party
12/3/2010 Metro Justice Alternative Fair Metro Justice
11/21/2010 Maribeth Abrams Top Ten Secrets for Eating Well When Pressed for Time
10/26/2010 Michael Greger, M.D. Nutrition Update 2010
10/17/2010 George Eisman, R.D. Why This Dietitian Doesn’t Recommend Dairy Products
9/19/2010 Jill Nussinow, R.D. Creative Low-Fat Vegan Cuisine
8/29/2010 DOVETAIL
8/15/2010 Summer Picnic – August – 2 PM
7/18/2010 Summer Picnic – July
6/20/2010 Dr. Deborah Jones Beyond Stewardship and Rights: A Catholic Validation of Vegetarianism
5/16/2010 Rae Sikora Loving the Planet Plant Peace Daily
5/16/2010 Rae Sikora Brilliant Chickens and Einstein Squids: Exploring Animal Intelligence Through Stories About the Amazing Creatures Who Share Our Earth Home Plant Peace Daily
4/18/2010 Gourmet Vegan Tasting Meal Natural Oasis website
3/30/2010 17th Annual RAVS 2nd Night Seder
3/21/2010 Michael Rudnick A Whole-Plant Vegan Diet: Special Topics
2/21/2010 panel of organic farmers Where Do I Get My Organic Veggies? Click topic to see links to speakers' websites
1/17/2010 Michael Rudnick The Case for a Whole-Plant Vegan Diet
12/20/2009 Winter Solstice Dinner and Party
11/15/2009 Rae Sikora Rae Sikora: Falling in Love with the Planet
10/18/2009 Film: Sustainable Table
9/20/2009 George Eisman, R.D. Global Warming and Diet
8/16/2009 Summer Picnic
7/19/2009 Summer Picnic
6/21/2009 Joseph Ferrara Joseph Ferrara presents “Enjoying Your Food is Key to Health” New Health Cafe website
6/17/2009 Film The Sustainable Table
5/17/2009 Chris Hirschler, Ph.D A Meaningful Life: Steps You Can Take Powerpoint presentation
4/19/2009 Banquet Gourmet Chinese Banquet and Fundraiser PCRM
4/9/2009 Seder Dinner 16th Annual RAVS 2nd Night Seder
3/15/2009 Film The Story Of Stuff Story of Stuff Video (20 min)
2/15/2009 Wayne Howard Worldwide Water Supplies: Commodity or Human Right? Sierra Club
11/15/2008 Dr. Ted Barnett Veg Travel Veg Travel Guide
10/19/2008 Harold Brown Positive Activism: Moving Society Towards Veganism Farm Kind
9/21/2008 Hoss Firooznia and Adam Durand Animal Welfare: Working for Change
6/15/2008 Film Vegetarian Cooking with Compassionate Cooks
5/18/2008 Gary Francione, J.D. Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare Abolitionist Approach
4/15/2008 Dr. Michael Greger Bird Flu Talk BirdFluIsBadForYou.com
3/20/2008 Wendy Gilmore Veg Cooking Demo Veg Recipes