Our Next Event:

Showing of: “Comfort Zone” - 1/18/2015

Showing of  “COMFORT ZONE”

a film with an environmental theme and message, co-produced by Rochester-based film makers David S. Danesh, Sean P. Donnelly, and Kate Kressmann-Kehoe.

5:30 PM Vegan Share-a-Dish Dinner

7:00 PM Program.

Past Events
12/21/2014 Winter Solstice Dinner and Party
11/16/2014 Milton Mills, M.D. The Courage of our Convictions: Parallels between the Civil Rights Movement and the Vegan Movement PCRM Physician Profile
10/19/2014 John Morlino, MSW Vegan Values Writings and Lectures
9/21/2014 Gary Francione, J.D. The History of the Vegan Movement Rutgers Faculty Profile
8/17/2014 Summer Picnic
8/5/2014 Will Tuttle, Ph.D Time to Wake Up! Be Healthy, Save the Planet The World Peace Diet
7/20/2014 Summer Picnic
6/15/2014 Expert Panel Advice from a Panel of Experienced Vegan Cooks
5/4/2014 Susie Coston, Farm Sanctuary's National Shelter Director Changing Hearts and Minds
4/15/2014 RAVS 2nd Night Passover Seder
4/6/2014 Vegan Banquet at the King and I
3/16/2014 Ted D. Barnett, MD News From Washington
2/16/2014 Where Do I Get My Organic Veggies?
1/19/2014 Sherry Colb, J.D. Mind If I Order the Cheeseburger?
12/15/2013 Winter Solstice Dinner and Party
12/6/2013 Metro Justice Alternative Fair Metro Justice
11/17/2013 John Wagner A T’ai Chi Workshop RTCCC
10/20/2013 John Pierre The Pillars of Health John Pierre
10/9/2013 Ted and Carol Barnett Plant-Based Nutrition: Eating for Happiness and Health
9/22/2013 Melanie Joy, Ph.D. Carnism: The Psychology of Eating Meat Carnism
9/17/2013 Ted D. Barnett, M.D.; Carol Barnett, Ph.D Making the Case for Vegan Eating Wood Library
09/14/2013 RAVS information Greentopia Festival at High Falls Greentopia Fest
8/25/2013 “Making the Case for Vegan Eating” 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM, Sunday
8/22/2013 “Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home” 5:30 PM, Thursday
8/18/2013 Summer Picnic, 2 PM, Sunday
7/21/2013 Summer Picnic
7/3/2013 North American Vegetarian Society’s Vegetarian Summerfest Vegetarian Summerfest
6/16/2013 Advice from a Panel of Experienced Vegan Cooks: Meal Ideas, Tips, and Recipes
6/1/2013 Michael Greger, M.D. The Role of Diet in Preventing, Arresting, and Reversing the 15 Leading Causes of Death Dr. Greger
5/19/2013 John Morlino Compassion is a Journey, Not a Destination The ETHIC
4/21/2013 Vegan Banquet at Natural Oasis Natural Oasis website
4/2/2013 Ted Barnett, MD Plant-Based Nutrition Class
3/26/2013 20th Annual RAVS 2nd Night Seder
3/17/2013 Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D The Inner Lives of Animals: Lessons from a Vegan Biologist
2/17/2013 Program on Green/Alternative Energy
01/20/2013 Movie Night Rochester International Film Festival
12/16/2012 Winter Solstice Dinner and Party
11/30/2012 Metro Justice Alternative Fair Metro Justice Rochester
11/18/2012 Milton Mills, M.D. Are Humans Designed to Eat Meat? Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
10/21/2012 Amie Hamlin School Food in New York State Healthy Lunches
9/23/2012 Jenny Brown Fighting for Farm Animals Woodstock Sanctuary
9/15/2012 Greentopia Festival Greentopia Festival
9/10/2012 Five Physicians Explain: Why I Eat A Plant-Based Diet Heartbeats4Life
9/6/2012 Ted and Carol Barnett A Plant-Based Diet: Eating for Health and Happiness
8/12/2012 Will Tuttle, Ph.D The World Peace Diet
7/15/2012 Summer Picnic
6/17/2012 Advice from a Panel of Experienced Vegan Cooks
5/6/2012 Gene Baur Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds about Animals and Food Farm Sanctuary
5/1/2012 Jack Norris Vegan Nutrition: What Does the Science Say? Vegan Health
4/15/2012 Vegan Dinner at Amaya Restaurant
4/7/2012 19th Annual RAVS 2nd Night Seder
3/25/2012 Dr. Michael Greger The Latest in Human Nutrition Nutrition Facts
3/18/2012 Video Presentation with Jeff Novick, MS, RD (he will not be there in person) Lighten Up: Weighing in on the Weight Debate
2/19/2012 Jordan Kleiman, Ph.D. Hydrofracking
1/23/2012 Ted D. Barnett, M.D. “Plant-Based Eating” course
1/16/2012 Showing of “Forks Over Knives”
1/15/2012 panel Where Do I Get My Organic Veggies?
12/18/2011 Winter Solstice Dinner and Party
11/20/2011 T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. A Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet: What the China Study Has Taught Us
11/8/2011 Neal Barnard, MD 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart Neal Barnard
10/16/2011 Antonia Demas, Ph.D. Food is Elementary: Making Food Literacy an Educational Priority
9/18/2011 George Eisman, RD The Impact of Diet on Climate Change and the Environment
9/17/2011 Greentopia Festival
9/13/2011 Thomas Campbell Forks Over Knives
8/21/2011 Summer Picnic
7/17/2011 Summer Picnic
6/19/2011 A Raw Food Diet: Benefits and Strategies
5/22/2011 George Eisman, R.D. What a Vegan Diet Can Do For You
5/1/2011 Bob LeRoy, R.D. Q&A: Your Nutrition Questions Answered
4/19/2011 18th Annual RAVS 2nd Night Seder
04/10/2011 Gourmet Vegan Tasting Meal and Silent Auction Natural Oasis
3/20/2011 Nick Bovenzi A Chef Talks About Gourmet Vegan Cooking Natural Oasis
2/20/2011 Vegan Nutrition Video
1/16/2011 Movie Night
12/19/2010 Winter Solstice Dinner and Party
12/3/2010 Metro Justice Alternative Fair Metro Justice
11/21/2010 Maribeth Abrams Top Ten Secrets for Eating Well When Pressed for Time
10/26/2010 Michael Greger, M.D. Nutrition Update 2010
10/17/2010 George Eisman, R.D. Why This Dietitian Doesn’t Recommend Dairy Products
9/19/2010 Jill Nussinow, R.D. Creative Low-Fat Vegan Cuisine
8/29/2010 DOVETAIL
8/15/2010 Summer Picnic – August – 2 PM
7/18/2010 Summer Picnic – July
6/20/2010 Dr. Deborah Jones Beyond Stewardship and Rights: A Catholic Validation of Vegetarianism
5/16/2010 Rae Sikora Loving the Planet Plant Peace Daily
5/16/2010 Rae Sikora Brilliant Chickens and Einstein Squids: Exploring Animal Intelligence Through Stories About the Amazing Creatures Who Share Our Earth Home Plant Peace Daily
4/18/2010 Gourmet Vegan Tasting Meal Natural Oasis website
3/30/2010 17th Annual RAVS 2nd Night Seder
3/21/2010 Michael Rudnick A Whole-Plant Vegan Diet: Special Topics
2/21/2010 panel of organic farmers Where Do I Get My Organic Veggies? Click topic to see links to speakers' websites
1/17/2010 Michael Rudnick The Case for a Whole-Plant Vegan Diet
12/20/2009 Winter Solstice Dinner and Party
11/15/2009 Rae Sikora Rae Sikora: Falling in Love with the Planet
10/18/2009 Film: Sustainable Table
9/20/2009 George Eisman, R.D. Global Warming and Diet
8/16/2009 Summer Picnic
7/19/2009 Summer Picnic
6/21/2009 Joseph Ferrara Joseph Ferrara presents “Enjoying Your Food is Key to Health” New Health Cafe website
6/17/2009 Film The Sustainable Table
5/17/2009 Chris Hirschler, Ph.D A Meaningful Life: Steps You Can Take Powerpoint presentation
4/19/2009 Banquet Gourmet Chinese Banquet and Fundraiser PCRM
4/9/2009 Seder Dinner 16th Annual RAVS 2nd Night Seder
3/15/2009 Film The Story Of Stuff Story of Stuff Video (20 min)
2/15/2009 Wayne Howard Worldwide Water Supplies: Commodity or Human Right? Sierra Club
11/15/2008 Dr. Ted Barnett Veg Travel Veg Travel Guide
10/19/2008 Harold Brown Positive Activism: Moving Society Towards Veganism Farm Kind
9/21/2008 Hoss Firooznia and Adam Durand Animal Welfare: Working for Change
6/15/2008 Film Vegetarian Cooking with Compassionate Cooks
5/18/2008 Gary Francione, J.D. Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare Abolitionist Approach
4/15/2008 Dr. Michael Greger Bird Flu Talk BirdFluIsBadForYou.com
3/20/2008 Wendy Gilmore Veg Cooking Demo Veg Recipes