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Go Vegan!

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Vegan Substitutes

For Meat, Eggs, and Dairy. 
Vegetarians eat no flesh foods. Vegans eat no animal products at all: no eggs, dairy products, or honey.

Vegan Websites

Here is a list of websites endorsed by RAVS!

Vegan Diet Overview

This one page gives a quick overview. Take a look!

Vegan Resources

There are many ethical reasons to go vegan (the animals, the environment, world hunger, spirituality). These resources emphasize the health and culinary aspects of the transition!

Shortcut Vegan

Shortcut vegan tips and recipes!

Vegan Videos

Here is a list of videos endorsed by RAVS!

Tasty Vegan Food

Never fear! Vegan food can taste great! Learn how!!!

Vegan Friendly Restaurants

Get a great vegan meal at these restaurants! Several are exclusively vegan!

Vegan Books and Cookbooks

RAVS recommends these books and cookbooks!

Easy Vegan Recipes

Cooking and eating vegan can be easy if you have a few basic recipes, with variations, that you can rotate through. Here are a few suggestions!

Moving Toward a Vegan Diet

Instructions for making the transition!
This trifold can be printed and given to your friends!

Vegan Food Shopping

Food shopping can be fun (and easy)!

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