The Rochester Area Vegan Society is an educational organization which welcomes all to membership, whether or not they have adopted a vegan diet or lifestyle. You do not have to be vegan to join our group. You just have to eat like one when you are with us. We advocate a diet which is entirely plant-based and avoids the use of all animal products including eggs, dairy, fish, and all flesh. The ideal being complete independence from animal products.

Members are entitled to admission to monthly events, and discounts on the purchase of books and other material available from RAVS. Members receive the Vegan Advocate, published four times a year, plus periodic notification of events. Members are eligible for half-priced memberships in the North American Vegetarian Society which includes a subscription to the Vegetarian Voice and in the Vegetarian Resource Group which includes a subscription to the Vegetarian Journal. Members vote in an annual election for a board of directors.

Join online:

Note that the preferred style for entering couples is:

Mary & John Smith/Jones


Join by mail:


Click here to download a printable application. Print and mail the application to the address below, or bring it to our next meeting.

P.O. BOX 20185, ROCHESTER, NY, 14602-0185


$100/year Patron

$75/year Sustaining

$50/year Contributing

$35/year Family

$20/year Individual

$17/year Family/fixed income

$10/year Fixed income

$10/year Student

PLEASE NOTE: We always welcome non-members at our meetings. You may attend just the dinner, just the program, or both; there is no need to reserve for either (unless reservations are specifically requested). If you attend the dinner, we ask that you pay a $3 Guest Fee in addition to bringing a vegan dish to pass. See below for information about preparing a vegan dish. The Guest Fee will be subtracted from your dues, if you decide to join later in the meeting. No fee is charged to attend the program portion of the meeting.

RAVS Rules for Share-A-Dish Meals:
All dishes must be completely vegan. They may not contain any meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, or honey. Gelatin is a meat by-product. Please watch out for hidden dairy products, such as whey and casein or caseinate. Please prepare a 4×6 card with the name of the dish and all ingredients. Prepare enough to serve eight people. Please bring your own serving dishes and utensils, as well as your own dishes to eat from.