RAVS Update


May 2015

After a long, hard winter, spring is here!Interest in vegan diet and way of life is soaring. We continue to do the best we can to provide information and support (as well as delicious food samples) for people adopting or moving towards a vegan diet. MEETINGS: In...

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February 2015

Autumn and winter have been busy for the Rochester Area Vegan Society, with well-attended meetings, outreach events, and classes. MEETINGS: In November we welcomed Milton Mills, M.D., who spoke to a filled room about the parallels between the civil rights movement and...

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November 2014

The newly-renamed Rochester Area Vegan Society (formerly the Rochester Area Vegetarian Society) is celebrating  its 25th anniversary this year with activities that are reaching an ever-greater number of people in the Rochester community. Meetings: Our August meeting...

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August 2014

RAVS continues its high level of involvement in the community; our meetings are well attended and our outreach opportunities just keep growing. We plan to carry this energy and enthusiasm into the autumn, when we celebrate our 25th anniversary. At our May meeting, we...

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May 2014

The Rochester Area Vegetarian Society has been active and thriving during one of the toughest winters in memory and now, one of the most welcome springs. In February, we hosted a panel discussion by local organic farmers. Thanks to Cindy Christ and daughter Elizabeth...

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February 2014

The Rochester Area Vegetarian Society has been active and thriving this autumn and winter, as more and more people seem eager to hear about the benefits, and how-to, of a vegan diet. At our November meeting, we welcomed John Wagner and Kathy Gill of the Rochester T’ai...

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November 2013

The summer and early autumn have been remarkably busy for the Rochester Area Vegetarian Society, as community interest in a vegan diet just keeps on growing. At our August picnic at the home of Ted and Carol Barnett, the weather gods  bestowed favor (as they had in...

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August 2013

It has been a busy warm season for the Rochester Area Vegetarian Society. In May we welcomed John Morlino, founder of The ETHIC (the-ethic.org), who spoke movingly of the ways in which life’s setbacks help us to develop our compassion for others. In June, a panel of...

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May 2013

Our vegetarian society keeps on growing in influence, as the advantages of a vegan diet become more apparent, and ever greater numbers join our group and attend our meetings, outreach events, and classes. In February, Bill Labine of Airtight Services, an expert in all...

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February 2013

Our vegetarian society has been thriving of late, with record crowds at our meetings, and eager participation at our outreach events and classes. Our Novembers meeting was a lively and fact-filled lecture on “The Biology of Disgust,” positing a natural human tendency...

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November 2012

It has been a fruitful late summer and autumn for the Rochester Area Vegetarian Society. First, an omission from the last newsletter to correct: we thank Bob Zimmermann for the delightful slide show on composting, accompanied by his own music, at the June meeting. In...

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August 2012

RAVS had an all-star late spring and summer, with luminaries of both national and local origin! In May we welcomed a visit from Jack Norris, R.D., who gave a primer on vegan nutrition with a special focus on the few problem nutrients that vegans should supplement,...

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May 2012

As spring takes hold in the Rochester area, we look back on several months of outstanding programs. In February, Jordan Kleiman, Ph.D., Associate Professsor of History at SUNY Geneseo, spoke to us about “Hydrofracking: What It Is and Why We Should We Be Concerned....

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February 2012

RAVS has been extremely busy and successful in recent months. In November, we welcomed a visit from Neal Barnard, M.D. of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (great website, pcrm.org), on tour with his new book 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart. Dr. Barnard...

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